Rebuild lives.

Rebuild families.

Rebuild communities.

Our Society's mission is to inspire, empower, and educate those seeking to overcome substance misuse by leveraging the strengths and wisdom of individuals who have successfully recovered.

our mission

Fulfilling lives.

Positive connection.

Strong communities.

We are working to create a culture where individuals can live fulfilling lives, free from addiction, create strong bonds with their loved ones, and actively contribute to the growth and improvement of their communities.


Pivot: Empowerment Education & Recovery Society is dedicated to training individuals passionate about addressing addiction. Our Trauma Recovery Support curriculum, drawing from our own recovery experiences, serves as a valuable resource for those seeking tangible pathways away from addiction. We emphasize practical solutions, taking a hands-on approach and fostering discussions on the best ways forward for individuals, businesses and communities.

Youth-led projects focus on preventing high-risk behaviors through creative activities. Our services encompass trauma-recovery support training, recovery coaching and family counselling.


Links to Addiction and Recovery Resources

Please check out the following links to find resources for recovery in your area.

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Pivot Empowerment Society – Trauma Recovery Survey

March 1, 2024 Have your voice heard by taking our survey to help us understand our community’s needs as it relates to addiction. With support from the Red Cross Community Services Recovery Fund, Pivot Empowerment Society is creating a Trauma Recovery Support Training to empower and educate recovery supporters within our community. Our intention is to fill the gap between…

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Pivot Youth on the Edge Team group photo

Uniting the Sunshine Coast Community

October 1, 2023 Summary Reports of our Business and Community Youth Forums In the spirit of encouraging community action and spurring initiatives to address the critical issues of addiction and homelessness, our non-profit society recently hosted two impactful events on the Sunshine Coast. These gatherings aimed to give a voice to both our business community…

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Recovery Programs

We offer advocacy services to help you find individualized support and programming based on personal stories of achieving 'life on the other side' and what it takes to take back our lives.


Family Counselling

Substance use does not just affect the person who is using. It is often a disease embedded in families. Our experience has revealed that a family approach is necessary and effective for healing.


At our core, we prioritize the power of lived experience throughout our teaching programs, and curriculum. Our reach includes families, businesses and of course, individuals.

Youth Projects

We offer youth projects designed to provide a safe space to heal, develop confidence, and make positive connections. An ounce of prevention IS worth a pound of cure. Let's focus on our youth!



PIVOT aims to empower individuals who struggle with substance misuse by leveraging the strengths and wisdom of those who have successfully recovered from the hard existence of addiction.

We are grounded in experience and education focussed on providing practical support, knowledge, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our work is to strengthen lives, families, businesses and communities.


At our core, we prioritize the power of lived experience as a teacher to navigate the intricate web of addiction. Our educational material carries depth and weight, grounded in the reality of personal, stories and journeys. By embracing the richness of firsthand accounts, together we unravel the complexities of addiction, providing an enlightening and authentic educational experience to move into a journey of new beginnings.




Recovery is the heart of our values. We believe in the immense potential for transformation and growth that comes with the journey towards recovery. Our training and curriculum is dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace recovery as a core value in their lives. Drawing on the wisdom of those with firsthand experience, our programs provide guidance, support, and inspiration for those seeking their own transformative recovery journey.



PIVOT recognizes the importance of substance misuse prevention before it is embedded in our psyche and body. This is especially true for our youth. We provide opportunities for youth to discover new opportunities and to prevent the onset of substance misuse by promoting healthy behaviours and lifestyles.



Pivot is driven by the desire to make a positive impact on individuals and communities impacted by addiction. Our focus extends beyond individuals to encompass businesses, public safety and families. Through education and support, we empower individuals to overcome addiction, fostering resilience, healing and a brighter future for all.



Are you passionate about helping individuals in their journey toward recovery from addiction?

Our Trauma Recovery Support Training  will help you gain a deeper understanding of supporting those on the path to recovery.


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Tj Sheehan was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast.

He fell into gangs and drugs, battling addiction and a brush with death.

TJ now speaks to youth groups and schools about his powerful experience and mission to help others overcome addiction.

Save a life.

Save a family.

Save a community.



Barbara Smith is a dedicated professional with over three decades of experience in the addiction field.

She has combined her academic achievements, including a BSW and Masters in Adult Education, with practical expertise.

Her lived experience further enriches her wisdom, bringing valuable insights to the work.



dana caple


Dana has always carried a passion for community! Her business and social enterprise ventures have enabled her to move effectively into meaningful projects that support others.

Favorite phrases:

“Just Show Up!”

"Together We Can!”



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